Henry Lewin

Founder and CEO of GreenRush

Henry is the founder and CEO of GreenRush, an ecological park located very close to Guatemala City.

After working for many years for a multinational corporation, Henry quit his promising career to pursue a more fulfilling lifestyle.

When he returned to his home country Guatemala, he noticed that due to the city’s growth, most of the natural spaces had been eliminated or not accesible for people to enjoy.

He discovered a mistreated piece of land, very close to the city, and decided to turn it into a natural park.

GreenRush opened in 2014 and is now a 75 acre park where more than 70,000 Guatemalans have come to enjoy the natural environment, as well as the breathtaking views and various recreational activities.

GreenRush mission is to allow visitors to come enjoy and appreciate nature... awakening the respect and the will to preserve it.