“A wonderful gathering with possibly the most interesting bunch of people that I have met for a very long time.”

Yanis Varoufakis
Former Greek Minister of Finance

"A cool bunch trooping up here: A great networking event – Fantastic!"

Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg
Former German Minister of Defence

"I like going to trade unions and other industry events, but I also love coming to the Unternehmertag."

Dr. Gregor Gysi
Member of the German Parliament and former Chairman of DIE LINKE and Opposition Leader of the German Parliament

"The Unternehmertag is an exciting event giving participants the chance to exchange ideas and make business."

Dr. Roland Koch
Former State Premier of Hessen and former CEO of Bilfinger Berger

"The Unternehmertag is a very competent and above all very interesting event."

S.K.H. Prinz Luitpold von Bayern, great-grandson of King Ludwig the 3rd.
Owner of the König Ludwig Schlossbrauerei Kaltenberg und managing Director of König Ludwig International GmbH & Co.

"The Unternehmertag has established itself as an institution. The participants have so much fun here, that they enjoy coming again and again. It couldn’t be better for any host."

Klaus Wowereit
Former Governing Mayor of Berlin

"It´s unusual to find that many high quality people in one place. They all seemed so relaxed and very easy to talk to. And on top: everybody has a sense of humor.“

Nina B. Shapiro, Board Member of Mountain Partners and former VP Finance and Treasurer of the World Bank Group’s International Finance Corporation (IFC)

“The spirit of Lake Tegernsee is something very special: There is a very inspiring and open atmosphere and a very creative spirit, which is active here.”

Prof. Peter Bofinger
Member of the German Government’s Council of Economic Experts

"The Unternehmertag is a great event. Many interesting people in a great location: Lake Tegernsee and sunshine, it couldn’t be better"

Hans Werner Sinn
Professor of Economics and Public Finance at University of Munich

"A unique combination of entrepreneurs, investors, party, great ambiance and networkers. I am incredibly happy being here and I will definitely come back."

Prof. Max Otte
Professor for Economics and Founder of the Institut für Vermögensentwicklung (IFVE)

"An impressive spectrum that being covered at the Unternehmertag!"

Matthias Horx
Futurist and founder of Zukunftsinstitut Horx

"At conferences such as the Unternehmertag you realize the insane interest of people in each other. This personal encounter in the magic of a beautiful place, a great hospitality, cannot replace any email."

Dr. Florian Langenscheidt
Entrepreneur, Business Angel and Author

"At the Unternehmertag I believe to feel that failure is perceived as a part of founding and this is trendsetting for our society."

Jochen Schweizer
Entrepreneur and Business Angel

"For me as an industry veteran, it is a training session where a great part of the future happens."

Dr. Jens-Jürgen Böckel
Company Group Tengelmann

"I go to many events that I cancel at the last moment, because there is something else more important. But at the Unternehmertag it is reversed, there is no substitute for it."

Dr. Hellmut Kirchner
Entrepreneur and Founder of 5K Investments GmbH

"The bandwidth of topics and the mix of learnings are the reasons why I particularly like come to the Unternehmertag."

Dr. Stefan Gross-Selbeck
Managing Director of BCG Digital VenturesGmbH

"The best network in Europe. At the Unternehmertag you meet people you would not meet at other places.“

Morten Lund
Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist

“It's been absolutely wonderful! Great people and a location that is world class. Everybody is a star here.”

Ola Ahlvarsson
Entrepreneur and Author

"An excellent way to network with peers. But not only with peers. Here you can also get great inspiration from other fields."

Dr. Stefan Glänzer
Founder Partner of Passion Capital

“Everyone here has an interesting story to tell, everyone has been successful in one or the other way and you can learn from anyone which is just fun.”

Thomas Hessler
Founder of ZANOX and Globumbus

"Here I can find inspiration and extend my network."

Ferry Heilemann
Founder of DailyDeal and Sky & Sand GmbH

“An exciting event, really worth to participate in: Here you meet known as well as new faces."

Maximilian Thyssen
Entrepreneur and Business Angel

"A very special mix of participants in a seclusion that promotes the interaction in particular."

Christoph Gerlinger
Founder and CEO of German Startups Group

"There is not one highlight but many!"

Dr. Alexander von Frankenberg
Managing Director at High-Tech Gründerfonds

"A kind of General Assembly of our industry: a lot of nice people I cannot meet in this density and compactness at any other place."

Hendrik Brandis
Founder of Earlybird

“The variety of subjects, openness for ideas, everything is very cooperative."

Thomas Ebeling
Thomas Ebeling, CEO of ProSiebenSat.1 Media

“A very successful event in a surrounding that couldn’t match any better. Most impressive is the very wide and diverse field of participants - truly exceptional!"

Dr. Christian Wegner
Member of the Executive Board ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE

"You meet young entrepreneurs and old acquaintances. A great conference, where you can feel the entrepreneurial dynamism. The atmosphere is great! "

Prof. Hermann Simon
Founder and CEO Simon, Kucher & Partners

"The Unternehmertag is very lively and interesting. It is playful, funny and at the same time very informative."

Reinhold Messner
Extreme Mountaineer

"I am fascinated by the Unternehmertag! I enjoy to get impulses and I like to inspire people which I believe worked out with these great participants."

Dr. Eckart von Hirschhausen
Doctor, Comedian, Author and Founder of the foundation HUMOR HILFT HEILEN

"Whether champion or entrepreneur: success and failure are often close. At the Unternehmertag one can meet many who know the risk of this limit. That’s what makes it exciting."

Oliver Kahn
Former German Football Goalkeeper

"An amazing event! An incredible event! Definitely a go-to event!“

Amilya Antonetti
Entrepreneur, Investor, Author and Radio-/TV-Host

"The atmosphere was great. As you can see here, everyone likes to laugh, no matter where he comes from or what profession he has."

Kaya Yanar

"A very successful event! Here I learned a lot of new things and meet very exciting people - Fantastic!”

Jens Lehmann
Former German football goalkeeper