for the event „Unternehmertag 2020” by Unternehmertag AG

1. Scope of these Terms and Conditions
The Terms and Conditions herein govern the agreed relationship between Unternehmertag AG (hereinafter the “Host”) and the event attendee (hereinafter the “Attendee”). Only the event “Unternehmertag 2020” shall be covered by the following Terms and Conditions.

2. Registration and contract formation
By registering at the Attendee agrees to be bound by the terms herein. The Attendee gives his/her formal approval for the performance of services by the Host. After the completion of the registration the Attendee will receive a registration confirmation via mail. This registration confirmation is a binding document for both the Attendee and the Host. Only Attendees possessing a valid password received with the personal invitation are permitted to register for the event. The password and the invitation are not transferable and only intended for a one-time, personal use. Any misfeasance during registration may lead to immediate cancellation of the ticket.

3. Payment
Upon completed and successful registration, payment of the full ticket price will be due.

4. Additional costs
The ticket price only covers the event fee and does not include any accommodation costs. The Attendee will settle any additional costs deriving from hotel accommodation and/or meals with the hotel directly.

5. Scope of services
The scope of the agreed services corresponds to the service descriptions and pricing details to be found at The program may be subject to changes made without notice to the Attendee. The received registration confirmation provides a further authority. Additional arrangements and amendments may be made by mutual agreement. Any arising warranty claims remain unaffected should the amended services prove to be unsatisfactory.

6. Access to the event
Registered Attendees will receive a personal ID-badge upon presenting an official ID during accreditation at the event venue. This ID-bade is intended for personal use only and is not transferable. Access to the event is only permitted with the ID-badge. Attendees are obliged to wear the ID-badge visibly at all times. The Host is permitted to check the possession of an ID-badge at the event at any time. The Host reserves the right to seize ID-badges in case of violation of the Terms and Conditions. The ID-badge remains the property of the Host.

7. Event plan and schedules
The valid event schedules and times can be extracted from the official publications issued by the Host. Any potential schedule changes shall remain reserved as long as they do not substantially change the overall arrangements of the event.

8. Cancellation by the Attendee
In case of cancellation by the Attendee the ticket price will be refunded to 90% when the cancellation takes place until 1 month before the event, 40% when it takes place less than 1 month before the event and 0% when it takes place during the month of the event. A late arrival, not showing up for the event or an early departure do not entitle the Attendee to any reimbursement.

9. Cancellation by the Host
The Host may exercise the right of cancellation should the timely implementation of the program be substantially complicated, endangered or impaired due to exceptional causes such as cases of force majeure. In case of event cancellation due to force majeure or other reasons caused by the Host, effected payments will not be refunded. Claims will not be accepted.
Should an Attendee, despite a first warning, cause lasting disruption or behave in breach of the Terms and Conditions, the Host reserves the right to cancel the services toward the Attendee and expel the Attendee from the event and the premises.

10. Liabilities of the Host
The Host is liable for a careful preparation, thorough choice and surveillance of service providers (catering, security, technical services, speakers, etc.) and the proper provision of the contractually agreed services. Any further liability is excluded to the extent permitted by law. In particular, the host assumes no liability for lost or stolen personal belongings.

11. Limitations of liability
The liability of the Host is limited to three times the ticket price if damage to the Attendee is caused neither intentionally, nor by gross negligence or if the Host is liable for damage to the Attendee solely caused by service providers. The Host solely acts as a booking agent towards the transport companies. Not the Host but the transport company is liable for the provision of transport services. The liability of the transport company is based on the conditions for transport – the Host may not be held responsible for delays, accidents, cancellation and its consequences such as damage and loss of personal belongings.

12. Exclusion of claims and limitation period
Any claims due to a failure to perform services or a provision of services which falls short of what was contractually agreed, have to be issued to the Host by the Attendee within one month from the end of the event in written form. After the lapse of this limitation period, any liability on behalf of the Host will be excluded.

13. Duty to cooperate
In the event of possible disruptions to the services offered, the Attendee shall do all that can be reasonably expected of him/her to redress the disturbance and to keep possible damage to a minimum. Furthermore, the Attendee is obliged to promptly mention any disruption to the local management. The local management is instructed to take immediate actions as far as possible. Should the Attendee fail to inform the local management of a disruption, he/she shall not be entitled to any mitigation.

14. Image rights
During the event, the Host will produce image and video material. This material shall be used for promotional purposes, including the documentation and presentation of the Host’s services (Social media, website of the Host, press, printed products). The Attendee will inform the photographer if he/she does not want to be the subject of image or video recordings.

15. Data protection
The Host processes the personal data of the Attendee required in the context of the business relationship. The data necessary for the proper conduct of business will be confidentially saved and can be, if necessary, passed on to third parties for the required provision of services. The Host as well as all parties involved will handle all personal data confidentially. Further information can be found in the privacy policy.

16. Severability clause
The potential ineffectiveness of individual terms of these Terms and Conditions shall not affect the effectiveness of the rest of the agreement. The ineffective term is replaced by an effective term, which comes closest to the original economic purpose of the term. The place of performance and jurisdiction of contracts made under the effectiveness of the present Terms and Conditions is the registered business office of the Host.

17. Jurisdiction/Governing law
Place of performance and fulfilment for the obligations of the Host is the event venue. The place of jurisdiction is the registered business office of the Host. These Terms and Conditions are governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of Switzerland.

18. Language
These Terms and Conditions were translated from German into English, both versions being deemed authentic. Any inconsistency between the Terms and Conditions as expressed in German (Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen) and any other language version shall, to the full extent permitted by applicable law, be resolved by reference to the German version.

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