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After graduating from the University of Salzburg with a M.Sc. in Biology, Claudia worked several years for international PR-companies such as Hill & Knowlton and PR & P Rowland in Germany. In 2001 Claudia became a professional writer and has published numerous non-fiction books and – more recently – novels since. Her self-employment has given Claudia the opportunity to return to Nature and Conservation, topics she has been passionate about since her childhood. Claudia received additional training at the famous Durrell Wildlife Conservation Education Center. Since then, she has participated in numerous conservation projects around the world, including a surveying-program on whales and dolphins (Azores/Portugal) and an anti-poaching project for Snow-Leopards in Kirgyzstan. Claudia also founded „Shark-Tracker“, a unique satellite borne tracking tool enabling new research on Great White Sharks. For more than ten years, Claudia has been representing NABU, Germany’s largest nature conservation organization, at the international CITES – Conferences (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora). Elephant poaching and illegal ivory-trade has been one of the most immanent topics at these conferences. This is where Claudia met Ian-Douglas Hamilton, famous conservationist and co-founder of the Elephant Crisis Fund.