Dear friends,

When I think back to the 9th Unternehmertag at Lake Tegernsee on the 19th and 20th March 2015 I am still euphoric about all the positive experiences and contacts!
The Unternehmertag has surpassed itself once again. We saw a record participant number of 470. Also with regards to content and framework we reached quality level that reflects in the simply overwhelming participant feedback:

“The best event of the year! – Best in class! – Outstanding, in every aspect. – A conference for friends – I love Unternehmertag! I´ll attend the next 30 years! – Best event of its size in Europe – not be excluded in the agenda!! Keep it up!! – By far the best entrepreneur conference I´ve ever visited – How can that be improved? – The best event of the German speaking technology startup world!! – Simply awesome!”

Unbelievable, that so many of you were affected by the flight strike this year again, which is why I was happy about this cool comment all the more: “Thanks to the Lufthansa strike I had time to sort business cards in the train for seven hours!”

Your feedback shows me that the slogan “Jetzt geht´s los!?” (Let´s get started!?) struck the strong chord of times and you connected with each other openly – I simply invite only nice people to the Unternehmertag at Lake Tegernsee!

At this point one year ago I told you that my phone does not get any peace since the Unternehmertag. I can assure you: It has not changed since..! I am happy to see that the Unternehmertag works as the networking platform I have initially called it into life and it provides you with so much joy and valuable contacts.

I was especially pleased with the fact that almost 300 of you joined the Rheingau Founders Open Bar in the Seehotel Überfahrt on the eve of the official program. This Pre-Unternehmertag-evening is shaped by a unique atmosphere and I can only advise everyone to arrive a day earlier in 2016! Although the Vodka-slide took its toll, I was able to welcome everyone freshly on to the program start on Thursday morning.

The well-known “Kessel Buntes” (a colourful bowl) was again characterized by many interesting personalities and exciting stories: After the warm welcome by Prince Luitpold of Bavaria, Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg offered an insight into the political and economic conflicts to be expected in the next decade. Economy professor Max Otte answered numerous questions regarding the EU-crisis and Middle East expert Jörg Armbruster warned to stay observant. An exciting outlook on the social and technological developments offered future researcher Matthias Horx and Stefan Groß-Selbeck. When the adventurer and entrepreneur Jochen Schweizer told us about self-made Bungee ropes and the “Höhle des Löwen” (cave of the lion), even the last one in to the point of intolerability heated boiler room held his breath. Another highlight was Gregor Gysi who with his „Reloaded“ only just found the time to explain the world to us; but for all that shone with his rhetoric and guaranteed many laughs that were only surpassed by Kaya Yanar, one of my favourite comedians.

The impressive presentation of this year´s charity project “Elephant Crisis Fund” about the protection of elephants against poachers by Claudia Praxmayer and Frank Böhnke has moved me very much. I thank you all cordially for your support of this organisation and I will be happy when the already adjudicated donation amount rises in the coming days.

Like always it is a fantastic atmosphere at Lake Tegernsee, - the springlike weather contributed to it again – that makes the Unternehmertag so unique. I am happy if you have taken some food for thought with you and return to Lake Tegernsee with energy and many new ideas next year!

Best regards,

Your Conny Boersch