CEO and Founder of Simon-Kucher & Partners

Hermann Simon is chairman of Simon-Kucher & Partners Strategy & Marketing Consultants with 23 offices all over the world. Simon is an expert in strategy, marketing and pricing.

In the German language area he was voted the most influential management thinker after the late Peter Drucker. Before committing himself entirely to management consulting, Simon was a professor of business administration and marketing at the Universities of Mainz (1989-1995) and Bielefeld (1979-1989). He was also a visiting professor at Harvard Business School, Stanford, London Business School, INSEAD, Keio and MIT. From 1995 to 2009 he was CEO of Simon-Kucher & Partners. He is the author of several management bestsellers, among them “Hidden Champions of the 21st Century”, “Power Pricing”, “Beat the Crisis” and “Manage for Profit, not for Market Share”.