Herbert Weirather

Chief Executive Officer Jedsy

Herbert Weirather is a pilot and founder of three companies. During his Space and Aviation Engineering studies at the technical university of Munich, Herbert founded his first company HW Aviation AG in 2013. This period was marked by a close cooperation with the Red Bull Air Race. In 2016, Herbert founded the Drone Champions AG, in which he and his team hosted high-profile drone events at the most famous locations around the world - from the Great Wall of China to the Champs-Elysee in front of 180,000 spectators in Paris - which were broadcast on TV in over 70 countries. It was the first high-tech company to introduce hybrid sports, in which players could qualify for real events via a computer game on PC/MAC/PS4/XBox. After selling his shares, Herbert founded Jedsy, in which the development of the most advanced package delivery drone in terms of noise, user experience and cost efficiency is progressing. His knowledge and expertise make Herbert an absolute drone expert, whose passion is reflected throughout the whole team.