Julian Teicke

wefox Group CEO & Founder

Julian Teicke is 32 years old, German/American and serial founder, investor and mentor. He is an entrepreneur out of passion to fundamentally change the status-quo in the insurance industry.

After his studies, he co-founded ‘DeinDeal’, a leading e-commerce platform in Switzerland, which was led to a dominant market position and was successfully sold to an international media company. He is also a founding member of EMPAUA and successfully mentors a series of ‘game changing’ startups.

Julian is the founder of wefox Group and holds responsible for ‘its purpose and vision’. He started wefox in 2014, the digital platform connecting brokers to their customers and insurers as well as establishing ONE in 2018, the first fully-digital European Insurance carrier. Today, Julian holds the position of Group CEO, the mother organization of wefox and ONE, with a view to fastly scale both business globally, whilst building a third business pillar: Nexus, connecting insurance.

Julian graduated with a BA in Business Administration in St. Gallen.