Joachim Hunold

Former CEO of Air Berlin PLC

After studying law, Joachim Hunold is committed to the aviation industry. While still a student, he obtained a private pilot's license and worked as a ramp agent at Dusseldorf Airport, getting to know the aviation industry from scratch. From 1978 Joachim Hunold was then Deputy Station Manager of Braathens Safe Air Transport at Dusseldorf Airport. In 1982, Joachim Hunold moved to the LTU Group and then left as Sales and Marketing Director in September 1990. In April 1991, Joachim Hunold founded as Managing Partner Air Berlin GmbH & Co Luftverkehrs KG, which in November 1991 took over the American Air Berlin Inc. In 2006, Air Berlin PLC was founded as a holding company, which was then listed in May 2006 with the IPO in Frankfurt. As of September 1, 2011, Joachim Hunold resigned as CEO and then joined the Board of Directors as Vice Chairman.

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