Extreme Glider Pilot

Extreme achievers DNA - Panelist

Klaus Ohlmann (62) is a four-time world champion and, with over 60 world records, the most successful glider pilot of all time. In addition to his successful practice as a dentist, he worked in his own mountain flying school “Quo Vadis” in southern France. In 1998, he founded the Research Group Mountain-Wave-Project with the aim to make gliding more visible in an exciting contrast between science, adventure, spectacular landscapes and records. More than 30 TV programs have been reported on the record hunter. 3009 km, the longest glider flight of all time, as well as the fastest ever achieved average speed of 307 km / h during a 500 km out and return flight stands for more than a decade in the Guinness Book of Records. Klaus has become an ambassador of renewable energies. From his point of view, gliding is the ultimate sport to represent the use of sustainable energies. He has been involved as a pilot in electric airplanes, where he scored 10 new world records last year. In 2014, he was the chief pilot of a scientific mission in the Himalayas. He flew the high tech cameras of German Aerospace to the Himalaya, resulting in spectacular high-resolution 3D images of the Everest. After the completion of the work, he succeeded in the first overflight of Mount Everest in gliding. Klaus is author, filmmaker and an inspiring professional speaker. His exciting lectures are presented in German, English, French or Spanish. He lives with his wife and two children in his home in the French Southern Alps.