Managing Partner of König Ludwig Brewery

From Bavaria for Bavaria

Prinz Luitpold von Bayern, great-grandson of the last Bavarian King Ludwig III, studied law in Munich.
In 1977, he entered the family owned Schlossbrauerei Kaltenberg. He developed this small country side brewery into an internationally renowned speciality brewery by concentrating on authentic Bavarian specialty beers like “König Ludwig Dunkel” and “König Ludwig Weißbier”. In 1980 he started “Kaltenberger Ritterturnier”, today the world’s leading jousting tournament with annually about 100.000 guests. Besides building the beer brands Kaltenberg - Royal Bavarian beer, König Ludwig Weißbier and König Ludwig Dunkel to a group of leading specialty breweries in Bavaria located in Kaltenberg, Fürstenfeldbruck and Holzkirchen, he started an international expansion by local production under license. He wants fresh beers to be offered, rather than transporting beer for long distances, but always precisely to the original Bavarian recipes, in particular to the Bavarian purity law. In 2008, Prinz Luitpold resigned from operating the German Breweries and concentrated on the international expansions and controlling the marketing strategies. Parallel to this he built a wide range of trademarks and brands to protect the intellectual rights of the royal family, using them in line with precise guide lines in a wide range of licensed products. In 2011, he took over the porcelain manufacture Nymphenburg from a public foundation to help to maintain this cultural highlight for Bavaria. Prinz Luitpold lives at Kaltenberg Castle; he is married to Princess Beatrix and has two daughters and three sons. He is a passionate sailor and trains young horses. He holds a number of positions in business and cultural organisations.