Founder of Zukunftsinstitut Horx

Future Markets. Future Business.

Matthias Horx is considered to be the most influential trend researcher and futurologist in the German speaking region. After a career as journalist (at the Hamburg-based ZEIT, MERIAN, and TEMPO) he founded the Zukunftsinstitut Horx GmbH (Future institution) at the turn of the millennium, which now advises numerous companies and institutions. The Zukunftsinstitut Horx GmbH is developing into a forecast and consulting firm with branches in London and Vienna. The private company employs 35 staff members and grows steadily. The core competencies are trend-innovations support and the development of early warning systems, think tanks and innovation events. Matthias Horx´ books, such as “Anleitung zum Zukunftsoptimismus” (Instruction for future optimism) or “Das Buch des Wandels” (The book of change), became bestsellers. He teaches prognostics and early identifications as a guest lecturer at various universities. As a passionate European, he commutes between London, Frankfurt, and Vienna, where he lives with his family in the “Future Evolution House”.