Around the World

Kaya Yanar is born in Frankfurt am Main on the 20th May 1973. The son of Turkish parents starts his career in the comedy scene after starting his American studies, phonetics and philosophy at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main. The globetrotter among comedians is known from TV-Shows such as "Was guckst Du?" (2001 – 2005), „Die Kaya Show“ (2012), „Typisch Deutsch?!“ (2013) und „Geht’s noch?! Kayas Woche“ (2014). In his shows, he often plays with the clichés of various ethnic groups. Furthermore, the comedian currently tours with his sixth program „Around the world – Wenn Kaya eine Reise tut“ in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. In autumn 2014, he even took the chance to present his skills in Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia. In the same year, Kaya Yanar receives his third Deutschen Comedypreis (German comedian award) in the category “Bester Komiker” (Best comedian).