CEO and Founder of JATRO BioJet Fuel

Dr. Christoph Weber, LL.M., is founder and CEO of Jatro AG (Frankfurt/M.), Jatro Biomatrix SARL (Luxembourg), Jatro Singapore Pte Ltd. and PT JATRO Waterland (Indonesia).

The international renewable energy group focuses on the commercialization of sustainable biofuels and their conversion into green jet fuel, bio-electricity, organic fertilizer and animal feed. Before entering the biofuel sector, Christoph held various senior management positions at investment banks worldwide. He worked for the EU Commission in Brussels and Geneva and has acted as a strategic energy advisor to the governments of China, Germany and Indonesia. Christoph specialized in International Banking Law and holds the following advanced degrees: A doctorate in Law from the University of Münster, a Master of Laws degree from McGill University Montreal and a Law degree from the University of Freiburg and London School of Economics.