The topic Longevity is a pretty unknown «territory» to us as well, but we are convinced about its importance and relevance for the future.

Due to the current difficult political situation, it takes more time than usual to receive the confirmation of the speakers. Therefore, we are even more happy about the following committed speaker line-up:

Christian Lindner

Dr. Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann

Prof. Dr. Dr. Hans-Werner Sinn

Prof. Dr. Margot Kässmann

Dr. Markus Söder (pending)

Philipp Hartmann

Dr. Philipp Rösler

Dr. Robert Habeck (pending)

Prof. Dr. Anne Schäfer

Sarna Röser (pending)

Gregor Heiss

Andreas Thiel

Jochen Schweizer

Tim Raue (pending)

Paul Ronzheimer

Günther Jauch (pending)

Christian Angermayer

More to come!