Matteo Renzi

Ehemaliger Premierminister Italiens

Matteo Renzi is a renowned Italian politician and cultural personality, having been the youngest Prime Minister in Italian history, and having successfully reformed a variety of rules and processes in social and civil rights, in innovation and entrepreneurship, and in the culture.

Born in Florence in 1975, Matteo is elected in 2004 as President of the Province of Florence.

In 2008 he moves to a new challenge and stands in the primary elections for Mayor of Florence. Defying the immobility of the political establishment he manages to win, surprising everyone, receiving 40,52% of the votes cast.

In 2012 he announces his candidacy as leader of the Centre-left, standing in the Italian primaries. Meantime, he continues his commitment as Mayor of Florence. Throughout his 2-month primary campaign, Matteo travels by camper-van and visits every Italian region and each province.
However on 2 December 2012 he loses elections on the finishing line, in a second ballot against Pier Luigi Bersani.

In 2013 he stands once again in the primaries, this time as leader of the Democratic Party (PD) and he wins with the overwhelming 67,5% of votes.

In 2014 he becomes Prime Minister of Italy, the youngest ever in the country’s history.
He stays on until the negative result of the constitutional referendum in December 2016, after which he resigns as Prime Minister.

Following the results of Italian parliamentary election in 2018, he resigns also as Leader of the PD.
In September 2019, Matteo leaves the Democratic Party and moves ahead to found a new party: "Italia Viva".

Matteo is currently Senator for Florence. His activity as a politician has been accompanied by several publications, amongst which: “Fuori!” (2011), “Stilnovo” (2012), “Oltre la rottamazione” (2013), “Avanti! Perché l’Italia non si ferma” (2017)", “Un'altra strada” (2019), and the upcoming “La mossa del cavallo” (2020).