Extreme World Traveler, Adventurer and Author

Kolja Spöri (*1969) is a Formula 1-manager, investor, lecturer, adventurer and author. Raised in Istanbul, Madrid and Astana by his German parents in the Foreign Service, he graduated with an MBA from Goethe-University Frankfurt and started work as Head of Sponsoring for Hugo Boss AG.

As a young entrepreneur he then grew his sports & communications agency Grand Prix Group to registered companies in 7 countries, brokering deals like Compaq & WilliamsF1, BMW & Oracle Racing in the America’s Cup and the Turkish Grand Prix in Istanbul, or on a smaller scale for Michael Schumacher, Alain Prost, Jackie Stewart, Jenson Button, Vladimir Klitschko, Alex Shnaider’s JordanF1, Hasan al-Thani’s Class1 Powerboat Series and Michail Gorbachov’s World Awards. Spöri was quoted as “one of Europe’s leading sponsorship agents” and featured in the “Power List” of BusinessF1 Magazine. After partially selling out, he became one of the main investors in publicly listed WIGE Media AG and in Monaco Broadcast SA. Today, Kolja Spöri lectures at the IOC’s business faculty of the University of Lausanne and he consults companies in UHNW-industries. Privately, he is a founder member of the two leading extreme traveler clubs, and he just authored his first book “I’ve been everywhere. Chechnya, Afghanistan, South Sudan – with a Gentleman to the World’s most Remote and Dangerous Places”.