Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. med. Enrique Steiger is specialist for general, aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery as well as trauma surgery. Enrique is Swiss national and graduated from University Zurich.

He was trained by Prof. Dr. Bruce Connell (Los Angeles) and Prof. Dr. Ivo Pitanguy (Rio de Janeiro). Since 1997, he is co-owner of the internationally renowned Clinic Utoquai in Zurich. As a lieutenant of SWISSINT, Enrique has been in charge since 1989 as delegate for various humanitarian organizations, such as the International Red Cross Committee, Médecins Sans Frontier, the United Nations and OSCE as officer and war surgeon between Aftica and Asia. As a university lecturer for conflict research at the Institute of Political Science at  the University of Zurich, his experience in these areas led Dr. Enrique Steiger to  focus his attention first and foremost, how better protection for humanitarian organisations could be ensured since threats and violence towards civilians and humanitarian relief workers are increasing. With this in mind, Dr. Enrique Steiger began the process of establishing the organisation “SWISSCROSS,” the Protection Unit from Switzerland for  humanitarian deployments worldwide.