Prof. Muhammad Yunus

Wirtschaftswissenschaftler, Gründer von Grameen Bank & Friedensnobelpreisträger

Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus is the father of both Social business and microfinance, the founder of Grameen Bank, and of more than 50 other companies in Bangladesh. For his constant innovation and enterprise, the Fortune Magazine named Professor Yunus as “ one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our time”

In 2006, Professor Yunus and Grameen Bank were jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. He is the recipient of 63 honorary degree from universities across 24 countries. He has received 136 awards from 33 countries including state honours from 10 countries. He is one of only seven individuals to have received the Nobel Peace Prize, the United States Presidential Medal of Freedom and the United States Congressional Gold Medal.

He has appeared on the cover of Time Magazine, Newsweek and Forbes Magazine.

Appointed by United Nations Secretary-General Prof. Yunus serves at the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Advocacy Group and serves on the board of Directors of the United Nations Foundation.